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CHEENA, which means “The Silvery Salmon” or “The Best Salmon” in the Haida language of British Columbia’s West Coast, was established in 1978 with an aim to bring authentic, premium quality West Coast seafood products to both the domestic and international marketplace and is regarded as the pioneer in smoked salmon retail. At the same time, MAPLE TERROIR FINE MAPLE PRODUCTS was created to represent our expanding line of maple syrup and maple syrup-related products.


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Introducing Cheena’s Natural Wild Smoked Salmon Jerky…

What makes our jerky so special?

Cheena’s natural smoked salmon jerky is made from wild salmon caught in the icy, fresh Pacific Ocean near the island of Haida Gwaii and smoked naturally using alder smoke. Unlike other brands on the market, we do not add smoke flavour. Each salmon is hand filleted, marinated for 8-10 hours, air dried for 24 hours and slow smoked traditionally over alder wood for over 24 hours. A laborious process but worth every step to produce the best-tasting jerky!

Available in regular and peppered flavours, our jerky doesn’t need refrigeration so keep some on hand when you go hiking or camping. Athletes can also benefit from this healthy and convenient snack as our jerky is packed with quality protein to keep you moving and Omega-3’s to promote healthy skin and joints.


Pure Maple Syrup Cookies

With a hint of mild maple syrup sweetness, our Maple Leaf Cream Cookies are a mouthwatering bestseller!

Treat yourself to this heavenly combination of dark chocolate, real dried cranberries and pure maple syrup!

Maple Dark Chocolate Cranberry, Cherry, Blueberry

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