About Maple Terroir


Maple Terroir is a fourth-generation maple farm, located at the foot of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, which are among the oldest mountains in the world, and produces over 4.5 million square meters of Canada’s best sugar maple. It has a distillery plant, a state-of-the-art production and packaging plant, and automatic filling, sealing and labeling on the bottling line, making the syrup into its own product. Quality control is the most important thing in our manufacturing process. The factory has been rated “AA” by the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture and has been using the Hazard Analysis (based on) Critical Control Point (monitoring) method since 2000 to ensure food quality and safety management. Critical control points are closely watched at each stage of production related to safety and quality.

Our Critical Control Point (Monitoring) Method (HACCP) based on hazard analysis covers from farm to consumer to provide safe food.  All syrups used in our products are first checked by the government, and if they pass, our staff will re-check whether they meet our high standards.  On average, 70% of government-tested syrups pass the test and are used in our products.

We carry out a quality control system in the factory, such as cleanliness and food safety standards.  We also have a comprehensive system to check the quality of all syrups and equipment used in production.  

In addition, conventional inspections by eyes are performed, measurements are properly performed, and products are analyzed.  In the process of manufacturing our maple syrup, we do not mix or add any chemicals, exfoliated powder, coloring preservatives, etc.  Pure products are delivered using only maple syrup with 100% purity.

Over the years, our quality and craftsmanship has been highly acclaimed both in the product and in the manufacturing process.  Recognized for two consecutive years in the Sugar Management Division, Maple Syrup, our products have also won gold and silver medals.  At Maple Terroir, it is paramount to produce the best maple syrup and maple syrup products, with the best syrup and method. We recommend our maple syrup with confidence!