About Cheena

CHEENA CANADA LTD. was established in 1978 as a company that handles a wide range of products, including frozen smoked salmon (king salmon, red salmon etc.), First Nations – style smoked salmon, smoked salmon nuggets, smoked salmon jerky, canned smoked salmon, and salmon roe.

Over the years, we have expanded our business supplying retailers, duty free stores, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and others. In order to produce the finest quality seafood products under the Cheena brand, we are committed to emphasizing every aspect of production and creation of the finest quality seafood. We do not use any liquid smoke, preservatives, additives, dyes or artificial color agents.

Cheena Smoked Salmon

Cheena’s Smoked Salmon is one of the finest in the world.  We hand-pick only the best selection of salmon from the Haida Gwaii area; pin-bones are removed by hand by hand, fully trimmed, lightly brined and smoked to perfection. After taking the salmon out of the smokehouse, we freeze the fillets immediately to ensure quality.


Salmon from Canada or Alaska?

Our sockeye smoked salmon is basically the same as sockeye salmon from Southern Alaska. Fishermen from Alaska and Canada fish at both fishing grounds.  Southeast Alaska and Northwest Canada have the same territorial waters. However, the highest quality sockeye salmon climbs two major rivers in Canada (this is information that is not well known outside the fishing industry).The Skeena and Nass rivers are carefully managed and are now in the process of receiving MSC approval.

The Reason Why Cheena's Smoked Salmon is Flash Frozen

Flash freezing is an accelerated cooling method, in which salmon is frozen immediately after they are caught. Shortening the time between capture and commercialization, flash freezing “seals” the best condition of the fish. Without using synthetic preservatives, the “look and texture” of the salmon is kept at its natural state.  In addition, flash freezing prevents freezer burn and prolongs the shelf life of the salmon. Fast freezing locks in the nutrition, texture and aroma so you can enjoy the taste of high quality wild salmon. Furthermore, it is very convenient since each pack is individually vacuum- packed.