maple syrup leone glass 250ml
Organic Maple Syrup Leone Bottle 250ml

Organic Maple Syrup Leone Bottle 250ml

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Organic Maple Syrup comes in a Leone glass bottle. This organic maple syrup is Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste.

The organic certification means: 

●Approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan and approved by ECOCERT CANADA, which operates in more than 80 countries.
According to the strict guidelines of ECOCERT CANADA, the product standard has passed the inspection at annual visits without any notice.

●Farms and factories use pesticide-free and natural cleaners that do not contain specific chemicals, and are used to clean goods packages (containers), manufacturing equipment, floors, and even buildings.

●For storage of goods, only specific stainless steel tanks and drums should be used.

●In order to protect the entire maple forest resources and prevent deforestation, it is decided to collect only from trees with a trunk diameter of 9 inches or more. Also, there is a rule that maple trees on the farm can only be collected three times a year.

Unit Size: 250ml / 330g

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